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About Sam Downie

Neurodiverse Autistic Content Creator | Filmmaker | Actor | Presenter | Podcaster | Photographer |

Who Is Sam Downie

Sam Downie is a longtime Content Creator, with a 20+ year work/experience history in Radio, Theatre, Podcasting, Vlogging, Film, Television and Public Speaking. He’s currently a BAFTA considered Autistic Neurodiverse Filmmaker making short films, interviews & documentaries. I love being a creative, passionate, experimental storyteller & filmmaker.

Actor / Voice Actor

Nominated for British Animated Short Film – BAFTA Film Awards 2020

Sam is best known for playing various roles, his work spans over 20+ years as an actor/voice actor, on stage and screen. Kind, warm, caring & smiley. Full, rounded voice with a wide range of character on tap.

Visit Sam’s SPOTLIGHT casting profile at : https://www.spotlight.com/profile/2850-8949-2771

TV costume dramas include : ‘The House of Elliot’ (BBC), ‘Tom Jones A Foundling’ (BBC / A+E), ‘Blackhearts in Battersea’ (Children’s BBC). Sci-fi dramas such as ‘Doctor Who’ (BBC), ‘Torchwoord’ (BBC Wales), comedy such as ‘The Armstrong and Miller show’ (Channel 4), ‘Teachers’ (Channel 4), to modern day dramas starting off in ‘Coronation Street’ (ITV) then ‘East Enders’ (BBC) and ending up in ‘Casualty’ (BBC).

Sam’s also acted on the stages of : Bristol Old Vic (Bristol, UK) mostly, but he has also been on stages in London, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

He’s taken improv classes with The Groundlings in LA, and has acted with the puppeteers from The Jim Henson Alternative Company on their comedy/improv show Puppet Up !

With an infectious passion Sam brings a natural confidence to his performance on camera and an irrepressible live stage presence. He excels in comedy, improv, sci-fi, drama and entertainment.