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Meet The Metahumans


Meet The Metahumans – is a live action, sci-fi/fantasy, slapstick & dark comedy set in a late 1980’s Cyberworld.

The Metahumans are gaming Influencers who love playing retrogames, and they’ve just got their hands on a game called ‘Game Over’. A new console game that’s just been exclusively released, a game that features.. Humans as the game characters, roaming around game levels, set in real places.

What could possibly go wrong? Will this be really Game Over for humanity?

This short film is about Metahumans, Humanity and Grief.

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Our film has many twists and turns, it’s co-produced/directed by two critically acclaimed Autistic disabled Filmmakers from Bristol, England – Michael Smith and Sam Downie.

The original music soundtrack style is late 80’s – early 90’s Synthwave, console games music, all within an immersive cinematic Dolby Atmos mix.

The film is a mix of live action shot in HDR on Sony Cameras, on location in Bristol and London, along with innovative creative CGI & VFX created in Unreal Engine 4.

The original music score and soundtrack is fully immersive, exclusively mixed in Dolby Atmos ( Binaural & 7.1.2 ) using Logic Pro, and the Dolby Atmos Renderer.

Both Sam Downie and Michael Smith, via our short film – Meet The Metahumans – are disabled filmmakers supported by the Dolby Institute Fellowship.

The Dolby Institute Fellowship helps independent filmmakers realize their creative potential with access to Dolby’s innovative tools and technologies.

Watch Sam Downie and Michael Smith discuss.. “the story, so far..” of Meet The Metahumans. This interview was released on April 2nd 2022 for World Autism Awareness Day, a official United Nations observation day promoting human rights and the rights of disabled people.

United Nations & Sustainable Development Goals

Film Production Team


Cinematographer, Director, Actor, MoCap Artist, Voiceover, Filmmaker, Dolby Atmos Sound Designer, Editor and Co-Producer


Art Director, Storyboard, Director, Actor, MoCap Artist, Filmmaker, Editor and Co-Producer

Film Production Timeline

  • 1st Film Production Meetings took place : September 2020
  • Some Film shoots took place during Pandemic Lockdowns in the UK at outside locations
  • Official Film Shoots started : May 2021
  • Film Shoots in London and Bristol from May 2021 to December 2021
  • Metahuman creation and design and shooting took place : January 2022 to February 2022
  • Music composition, mixing and 1st Dolby Atmos design : March 2022 to April 2022
  • Production Comping and Editing : April 2022 to mid July 2022
  • Dolby Atmos testing in a Dubbing Studio : July 2022
  • Private testing in a Cinema : July 2022
  • Film Completion Date By : August, 2022
  • Film Screening in Public : September 2022 onwards..

Catch the film screened at various Film Festivals and events, more announcements and PR about this TBA soon.

Now Avalaible To Film Festivals & Cinemas via Film Freeway !


Film Freeway

Dolby Institute Fellowship

Making a deeper creative impact

The Dolby Institute Fellowships help filmmakers achieve their full creative vision. With partners like the Sundance Institute, Chicken & Egg Pictures, SFFILM, and Bolivia Lab we identify independent filmmaker and independent films that are using sound and image to tell unique and exciting stories.

We then provide these filmmakers with access to Dolby technologies and expert post-production support to help their films connect with audiences who will love them.

For more information on the Dolby Institute visit : https://www.dolby.com/institute/dolby-institute-fellowship/