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Meet The Metahumans

Meet The Metahumans

Meet The Metahumans – is a live action, sci-fi, fantasy, dark comedy set in a late 1980’s Cyberworld, where our Metahumans are gaming Influencers who love playing and live-streaming a game called ‘Game Over’, a new game that’s just been exclusively released, to players around the world, that features.. humans. What could go wrong? is this really Game Over for humanity?

This short film has many twists and turns, it’s produced/directed by two critically acclaimed Autistic disabled Filmmakers from Bristol, England – Michael Smith and Sam Downie.

It was shot in HDR on location in Bristol and London in England, along with CGI and VFX created in Unreal Engine 5.

The original music score and soundtrack is fully immersive, exclusively mixed in Dolby Atmos using Logic Pro.

The film is supported in kind (and creatively) by The Dolby Institute , Dolby Music and Dolby Cinema who support disabled Filmmakers & Content Creators, creating in Dolby Atmos & HDR

Film Funding

The film is funded by the following organisations:

Meet The Metahumans Film Launch
Saturday, 2 April, 2022
World Autism Awareness Day

United Nations & Sustainable Development Goals