Sam Downie
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 2020

Sam Downie – Acclaimed Neurodivergent Actor, Presenter, Voiceover, Filmmaker, Concept Artist and Infosec specialist

Sam’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Hello. For the time being, I will be “mostly” at home in Bristol, until the end of April 2020. Not self-isolated just yet, just not being employed much because I work as a Contractor / Self-employed in Film, Media, Entertainment, Arts and Infosec.

I still have Epilepsy and Autism though and that’s not going to change.

Please do reach out to me via Email , Twitter and LinkedIn – am still available for all kinds of things, such as Live Webcasts and Podcasts; Contributing to your live Television and Radio Shows; live webcast conferences etc; Voiceover.I’m also going to work on some short films too.

If you need a Voice with a “think different – can do attitude” , please do reach out.

Sam Downie in the radio studio