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Shiffield Doc/Fest 2019 - Talk & Film Screenings

On Friday 7th June 2019 at 6pm, 10 Neurodiverse Filmmakers took to the stage at the famous Sheffield Doc/Fest in Sheffield.

We delivered an exclusive screening as part of the Different Voices project from 104 Films & Biggerhouse Film. The screening included a showing of my short film “Unique Human” as part of the packed-out event.

Sheffield Doc Fest 2019

Different Voices - Life Magnified

An ongoing film talent development programme for emerging Neurodiverse film makers and creatives from the Bristol area.

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.. neurodivergent – i.e. being dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic, or having other learning difficulties or neurological/cognitive conditions, or experiencing yourself as someone whose way of relating to the world and other people is outside of the norm.

Dr. Daniel Oliver

Different Voices is a opportunity for emerging Filmmakers and creatives from the Neurodiverse community to participate in a Disability Cinema talent development programme in Bristol.

It’s aims are :

  • to foster a new generation of filmmakers, working from a voice that is under represented in mainstream cinema.
  • to explore a wide range of skills covering animation, FX green screen filming, studio work, music production, editing, drama production and scriptwriting.
  • to enable the design of an individual project development plan.
  • to gain an understanding of the film market and opportunities and develop strategies to get films made and build a career in the film industry.
  • to build on our existing community of neurodiverse talent in the region.

This BFI ScreenSkills project was delivered by biggerhouse film with professional development from Alex Usborne at 104 films who are the World Leaders in Disability Cinema, in association with the Arnolfini, Bristol.

Different Voices – Life Magnifed – follows on from the success of the two previous projects which ran in Bristol in 2017. So far 24 short films have been produced, which have been screened in cinema’s at many festivals including Sheffield Doc Fest, the Edinburgh film festival, and Encounters Film Festival in Bristol..

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Biggerhouse Film
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Watch my award-nominated (BAFTA Longlist 2020 awards) short second film “Unique Human”.

Developed, shot and edited during the 2019 Different Voices Neurodiversity film project for people on the Autistic spectrum, supported by 104 Films the leader in Disability Cinema & Biggerhouse Film.

This short film, has recently been updated with a re-balanced audio soundtrack, as well as a 5.1 Dolby Surround mix for Digital Cinema.

This version on FilmFreeway is in Stereo, please contact Sam Downie if you would like to screen the 5.1 version at your cinema.

unique human bafta short film 2020 title screen shot


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