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UNIQUELY HUMAN - a Short Film about Autism, Neurodiversity and being Unique

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Uniquely Human – A Different Way of Seeing Autism

is a part animated short film by Autistic filmmaker Sam Downie. It’s based loosely on the criticality acclaimed “Think Different” commercial from Apple Computer in 1997. This film features portraits of Adults with Autism, with a cinematic soundtrack and voiceover.

The film is a short glimpse into the world of Autism, Neurodiversity and Diversity. A short simple message, to encourage change and action.

For cinema, the sound is mixed in 5.1 Dolby.

I’m proud to announce my short film was also selected by the British Council and added to their Film archive in late 2019.

Considered in 2020 for the BAFTA British Animated Short Film Award

After the screening at the Encounters Film Festival 2019 in Bristol, I got approached by BAFTA members attending the festival to submit my film to BAFTA.  My short film was considered and put on the long-list for the 2020 awards, but.. sadly wasn’t selected.

However, I am proud that I was considered & recognised as a Neurodivergent Disabled Filmmaker by BAFTA.

Let’s make a change in 2021 so that more Disabled filmmakers are given the recognition, as creatives & storytellers.

Film Funding :

In January 2019, 104 Films (Sheffield) & Biggerhouse Film (Bristol) commissioned a short film project to explore the possibility of making a short film, to give a general audience a small window into the condition of Autism, and Neurodiversity.

This film and project had funding from ScreenSkills using National Lottery funds awarded by the British Film Institute (BFI) as part of the Future Film Skills programme.

Screenings in 2019 of “Unique Human” :

Screenings in 2020 are to be TBA


Sam Downie is a polymath. He’s a neurodivergent Filmmaker, Actor and Voice-Over. Despite the struggles Sam faces living on the Autistic spectrum ( such as discrimination and not being understood ), Sam has achieved what many filmmakers aspire to do, which is, to develop, shoot, edit and screen award-winning films, using a combination of skills, talent and techniques.

Sam has taken part in many projects to develop films, such as the Different Voices Neurodiversity Film project from Biggerhouse Film and 104 Films the leaders in Disability Films for Cinema and TV.

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