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As challenging as 2020 (the Pandemic year) has been, for me it has highlighted the importance of storytelling as a tool for healing and connection. Storytelling builds empathy, unites us, and opens our eyes to new cultures and perspectives. One of the most dynamic and powerful ways to tell stories is through movies / films.

Watch a selection of Sam Downie’s BAFTA shortlisted, BFI Network, British Council Film and DOLBY Labs supported Short Films.

Uniquely Human - Watch on Film Freeway

This animated short, made by a disabled critically acclaimed Autistic Filmmaker and Actor, is a fascinating way of looking into the world of Autism and Disability, by showing how we are described and treated by society. The film uses Animated VFX, a Voiceover (Narrator) and a dynamic Cinematic Soundtrack which are used to create a dramatic storyline.

As a Disabled filmmaker and actor, I am also glad to be supported by The British Council, as the “One to WACTH !” Filmmaker.

My short film is supported by the British Council and by DOLBY Labs. It has been selected and screened at various events in the UK and around the world.

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Meet The Metahumans

Meet The Metahumans – is a sci-fi, fantasy, dark comedy set in a late 1980’s Cyberworld, where our Metahumans are gaming Influencers who love playing and live-streaming a game called ‘Game Over’, a new game that’s just been exclusively released, to players around the world, that features.. humans.

What could go wrong? is this really Game Over for humanity?

This short film has many twists and turns, it’s a mix of live action shot in Bristol and London, along with CGI and VFX.

The original music score and soundtrack will be fully immersive, exclusively mixed in Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 (and supported by Dolby Labs).

This short film is produced/directed by two critically acclaimed Autistic filmmakers from Bristol, England – Michael Smith and Sam Downie.

More announcements on this film towards its main launch in spring 2022 – taking place during International World Autism Awareness Day, a day supported by the United Nations and The Global Goals (the SDGs).

Dawn of the Dark Fox

This feature film is an Experimental Animation/documentary/drama hybrid from the imagination of Autistic director and Actor, Michael Smith and his avenging alter-ego..  the Dark Fox.  I am part of the film team, as a disabled filmmaker.

Watch the film trailer and discussion between me and Michael Smith, on Youtube.

Short Biography

Sam is an award-winning Autistic filmmaker/actor/director and content creator. A proud Bristolian, born in Exeter – South West of England, with a 25+ year work/experience history in Theatre, Film, Radio, Podcasting, Vlogging and Television.

I love making short films, interviews & documentaries. I love being a creative, passionate, experimental storyteller bringing interesting insightful thought-provoking stories, to the screen (of all sizes).

Sam started out as an actor, with training at the world-famous Bristol Old Vic youth theatre followed up by training on a 2 year performing arts course, and then returned to the stage at the Bristol Old Vic.

He then moved on to voice over work, voice acting and acting on TV. From playing ‘bit parts’ on various dramas such as East Enders, Dangerfield, Doctor Who and Tourchwood, to well established British costume dramas.

A list of credits can be found on Sam’s SPOTLIGHT CASTING Profile HERE .

After years of honing his acting and voiceover/voice acting craft on stage, television and radio, he eventually moved into film-making.

Sam is driven by a creative passion to develop and direct his own work – filming, sound design for cinema, editing and directing a mix of successful short films across varying genres including documentary, comedy drama and sci-fi. He’s had training from the likes of the Bolex Brothers, Forkbeard Fantasy, Biggerhouse Film, 104 Films and Aardman Animation.

Sam’s film Uniquely Human is also included in the British Council’s UK Film Directory, where it can be selected for festivals, as a short made by an established Disabled filmmaker.

Sam’s work fuses real-world authenticity, social realism and genre flair – his films have screened at numerous BAFTA and Oscar qualifying film festivals around the world including BFI London (London Film Festival), Encounters, Sheffield Doc/Fest, SF FIlm (San Francisco Film Festival) and The ICA London, amongst others. He is available for shoots, with experience across multiple genres from documentaries and entertainment, fantasy to science fiction – for broadcast, cinema, theatrical, or for the web.

Sam is supported as a Disabled filmmaker/actor/creative by BFI Network and the British Council. He is currently in pre-development on a plethora of “film projects” aiming to shoot through 2021/2022, with the likes of PIXAR, Industrial Light and Magic, and Disney Animation.

Sam brings with him not just enormous experience but a passion, a heart and dedication that just gets stronger with time.


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