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BAFTA nominated longlisted, BFI + British Council Film and DOLBY Labs supported Autistic Disabled Filmmaker

As challenging as 2020 (the Pandemic year) has been, for me it has highlighted the importance of storytelling as a tool for healing and connection. Storytelling builds empathy, unites us, and opens our eyes to new cultures and perspectives. One of the most dynamic and powerful ways to tell stories is through movies / films.

As a criticality acclaimed Filmmaker with disabilities, Sam Downie has worked on various short films, documentaries, interviews and tech/gadgets and entertainment television shows.

Sam is supported by SONY he shoot’s using Alpha cameras, he can be found in the Alpha Universe (listed here)

Supported in kind (and creatively) by The Dolby Institute , Dolby Music and Dolby Cinema as a sound designer/producer and disabled Filmmaker + Content Creator, in Dolby Atmos & HDR

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Sam’s current short film project for 2021/2022

Is a live action fantasy comedy called Meet the Metahumans. It has been shot in HDR on location in Bristol & London, England. With VFX and CGI created in Unreal Engine 5. The audio and original soundtrack has been composed and produced in Logic Pro, and it’s exclusively mixed in Dolby Atmos.

This short film is aiming for a Spring 2022 launch, to coincide with the United Nations International World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April, 2022.

Meet The Metahumans is funded as a short film by The BFI Covid-19 Fund, the Audio & Radio Emergency Covid-19 Fund from The Radio Academy, and by The Film+Television Charity.

The film is supported in kind (and creatively) by The Dolby Institute , Dolby Music and Dolby Cinema who support disabled Filmmakers & Content Creators, creating in Dolby Atmos & HDR