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Bristol Sounds – was a popular Factual Entertainment Music Documentary Radio and Podcast series, that started in 2001 when Podcasting was in its infancy.

The episodes in-detail, describe the musicians and music behind the now infamous Bristol music scene. that documents the people, the music, and “the sounds” of Bristol, England.

The “Bristol Sound” or “trip hop” as branded by the media, conjures sensory associations of smoked sounds, dark scents and heavy thumping beats. This unique sound evolved in Bristol, one of United Kingdom’s most racially diverse cities in South West England, in the 1980s and 90s when the genre developed.

Bristol Sounds – presented by Sam Downie, was first broadcast on both BCFM and Ujima Radio, then Radio Active in Wellington, New Zealand and then picked up briefly on BBC Radio. It also became popular on the iTunes chart in Podcast in 2005 for a short while.

Bristol Sounds continues today, via archives of episodes, radio shows and the odd DJ sets (listen to the podcast below).