Bristol Sounds was a popular music documentary podcast and radio series, that documented the sounds, the people and the music of Bristol, England. The show made it’s debut in early 2001, and continued until 2010.

Bristol Sounds is a Audio project that’s part of a collection of online media projects developed by The Watershed in Bristol, as part of the Electric Pavilion – “An online collection from 2005 that presents Bristol’s artistic talent in, amongst other things, music, photography, illustration and fine art.” [ link : ] .

Electric Pavilion was divided into five virtual ‘rooms’ – urban, tranquil, campus, commercial and roots – each offering a different perspective on Bristol, a multi-faceted city. It was created through a combination of mixed and new media commissions and research into key Bristol cultural venues.

Many of the exhibits look back on the wealth of Bristol’s recent cultural history – for example, The Dug Out, a legendary music club in the 1970s and 80s and a key influence in the development of the ‘Bristol Sound’. Others, such as Mr_Hopkinson’s Online Interactive Video Sample Orchestra, looked at new ways of engaging audiences with digital technology.

Bristol Sounds went under different names – first it was called “Straight Outa Bristol” to accompany the Phil Johnson book of the same name, an audio version of the book if you will, and as part of the Electric Pavilion at Watershed in Bristol. Once the radio version came about, the show renamed to Bristol Sounds. The podcast version used both these names, so that it could be searchable via The Watershed and the Electric Pavilion.

At first, the short radio shows were broadcast on both community radio (BCFM, Ujima Radio and Radio Salaam Shalom), and then made it’s way on to National Radio on BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music as a 6Mix, as well as edited episodes on BBC Radio Bristol.

Then the episodes were archived as a Podcast series, on Mixcloud and Podomatic – online from 2004 and listed on iTunes where for a while it beat popular presenter Chris Moyles.

Now, in 2019, Bristol Sounds is being rebuilt as a Podcast series and made available again, via different platforms, as an archive of what it achieved from it’s foundations as a short radio show in 2000. Yup, almost 20 years in the making !

Please find Bristol Sounds archived on and . I have started to add the links to the episodes below via Audio players, as well as links to the archive pages.  Enjoy the music and interviews, if you want more please do get in touch. Stay Tuned for more additional Bristol Sounds archives to be added.

Bristol Sounds
Massive Attack , Portishead , Tricky and the roots of Trip-Hop - Straight Outa Bristol - Phil Johnson
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