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After That Day – Book

Autism, News
AFTER THAT DAY : STORIES OF EPILEPSY Sam’s own personal story about living with Brain Injury ( Brain Tumour ) which causes Seizures ( Epilepsy ) and Autism – is told in a new book titled “After That Day – Stories of Epilepsy” published by Sofie’s Journey and launched in…

Meet The Metahumans

Autism, Films, News
Meet The Metahumans – is a live action, sci-fi/fantasy, slapstick & dark comedy set in a late 1980’s Cyberworld. The Metahumans are gaming Influencers who love playing retrogames, and they’ve just got their hands on a game called ‘Game Over’. A new console game that’s just been exclusively released, a…

Uniquely Human – A Short Film About Autism

Sam Downie as a storyteller, tells bold stories that are told differently to inspire conversations. His films aims to ignite, transform and change the world. Uniquely Human – a short film about AutismThis animated short, made by critically acclaimed disabled Autistic Filmmaker and Actor – Sam Downie, is a fascinating…