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Sam Downie enables and creates world class content, with style and authenticity.

Sam Downie enables every step in the Entertainment value chain from development and post-production to on-screen / on-mic Talent, marketing and distribution. With connections to indies, studios and networks, Sam is not afraid to share bold stories with audiences around the world.

Sam Downie has had a highly successful career within Radio, Television, Theatre, Online and as an award-winning Autistic Neurodiverse Filmmaker and Speaker.

For over two decades, Sam Downie has worked both On-screen and Off Screen, as a Presenter and Producer in TV and Radio , a Voice Over and as a Motion Capture Performer.

Sam has also acted on Stage including at the world-famous Bristol Old Vic Theatre and other international stages. He’s also a actor on Television and Cinema.

He’s also a Podcaster for well known broadcasters in the United Kingdom and the USA.

Sam’s voice is warm, engaging, unique, un-rushed and confident sounding – just perfect for Live Entertainment, Factual Entertainment, Documentaries, Animation, Films, Radio shows, Television, Technology News shows, Commercials, and Podcasts.

Sam has become a recognized industry voice in the United Kingdom and the USA.

His expertise is in gadgets and technology, as well as entertainment, music, movie production, theatre, comedy, and current affairs such as Disability awareness and ignorance.

For charity work, Sam Downie is a popular Patron & Ambassador , and is a well known advocate in Epilepsy Awareness and Autism Awareness, supporting events such as the yearly Epilepsy Awareness Day & Expo held at Disneyland Resort in California.

For ten years, Sam was the voice of Bristol Sounds, the successful music programme / Podcast that documents the world famous Bristol music scene, a show that was broadcast across Bristol and then nationally on BBC Radio, it then turned into a popular podcast series in the early 2000’s.

However he’s also presented and been a guest co-host on technology news shows, music programmes and more recently has been a co-host for The New Screen Savers and MacBreak Weekly on international online TV/Podcast network Twit TV.

Sam Downie is one of Bristol’s most in-demand radio presenters and voices, his enthusiastic approach and rapport with listeners has seen his shows become popular.

He also fronts major events. For example in 2012 Sam became a “storyteller and interviewer” at the London 2012 Olympic Games, covering events such as the Olympic Torch Relay when it crossed the boarder in to Wales (in Monmouth), where Sam worked alongside BBC Radio Cardiff in the coverage. Sam was also thrilled to be asked to be a “storyteller” with BT, one of the many sponsors of the London 2012 games. His Twitter handle ( @samdownie ) appeared on the massive screen on the BT Tower in London, where he took over the screen for a month reporting on the London 2012 games and delivering news via the huge screen above London’s skyline.

As a Public and Event Speaker, Sam Downie is also an established host of conferences, awards ceremonies and other live events. His reputation as “a safe pair of hands” has led to him being asked back year after year to host many prestigious events.

Skills and Talents include:
  • Live broadcaster with 25 + years of experience
  • Ability to handle large audiences and create an atmosphere
  • Skilled Voice-over
  • Skilled Radio Presenter
  • Skilled Podcast Host
  • Skilled TV host / co-host
  • Skilled Public Speaker
  • Skilled Journalist
  • communicator and writer
  • Able to think on his feet
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Ambassador and Patron for charities
Neurodiverse Filmmaker

Neurodiverse Filmmaker

Despite the struggles he faces living on the Autistic spectrum ( such as discrimination and not being understood ), Sam has achieved what many Filmmakers aspire to do, which is, to develop, shoot, edit and screen award-winning films, using a combination of skills, talent and techniques.

Sam has recently taken part in many projects to develop films, such as the Different Voices Neurodiversity Film project from Biggerhouse Film and 104 Films the leaders in Disability Films for Cinema and TV.

His films have been screened at the ICA in London, Sheffield Doc/Fest in Sheffield in 2019, Encounters Film Festival 2019 at the Watershed in Bristol, and the Arnolfini cinema in Bristol.

Sam can also be cast on Spotlight – the home to Casting, for films as an Actor and Voiceover.

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Sam Downie – Presenter with warmth, style and authenticity.

Sam Downie’s expertise as a Broadcast Presenter extends from Network TV and Radio into Journalism and Public Speaking.

Sam’s knowledge and passion for entertainment, gadgets and apps, current affairs, consumer rights, music, films and science, make him a multi-skilled journalist and in-demand as a co-host and broadcaster who delivers.

Sam is also a voice for disability on Autism, Epilepsy and “other” disability issues.


Sam has over 15 years of Network TV, Radio and Online Webcasting experience including:

  • Reporter – Digital Planet – the weekly technology show, that’s broadcast on BBC World Service (Radio)
  • Guest Reporter – BBC Click – the weekly technology show that’s broadcast on BBC NEWS (Television)
  • Guest contributor – across shows on the popular TWiT TV Network (USA) : TWiT ‘this week in tech’, and MacBreak Weekly (Online Television / Podcasts)
  • Works for ITV Studios (in England and USA) as “on-screen Talent”
  • Guest Reporter – The Gadget Show – Channel 5 / ViaCom / UK
  • Contributing Guest on BBC Radio Bristol
  • Contributing Guest on BBC Radio 1
  • Contributing Guest on BBC Radio 2
  • Producing and Presenting a BBC Radio 6Music “6 Mix” on the Bristol Sounds

Bristol Sounds

Started in 2000 when Podcasting was in its infancy, a unknown music documentary series created by Sam Downie called Bristol Sounds was launched, detailing the musicians and music behind the now infamous Bristol music scene.

Sam Downie’s TECH:CASTS

Unique Technology interviews told with authenticity, from Apple Computer and it’s users, to creatives and the people who built and designed the technology and apps we use today. Sam Downie brings over 20+ years of being a Apple user and 20 years of radio presenting and production to this informative series. If you’ve heard him before you know what to expect… engaging interviews, commentary, guests. If you haven’t heard him, then welcome to Sam’s look at all things tech.

“Reporting from the UK, the USA and around the world, this is Sam Downie’s TECH:CASTS – Give it a listen!”

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Our international footprint includes Bristol, London, Los Angeles and more.

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Recognized for landmark moments in Podcasts, Acting, Presenting, Filmmaking, and Storytelling.

The world of entertainment celebrates Sam Downie’s latest achievements. Sam has worked with/for these well known clients and many others.

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